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T: Maurice on 0121 313 3660

M: Maurice on 07967 376891




  1. I sent an email a few weeks ago to the above email address but have not had a reply.
    I wonder if there is a piper available to play at my daughters wedding, on Friday July 1st, at the Abbey in Erdington?
    A few years ago Kevin played at my sons wedding but I have heard that he no longer does so. There have always been pipers in my family and pipes at every family wedding in Ireland.
    I would be grateful for a response and to know if anyone is willing to do it and the cost.
    The wedding is at 1pm and I would like a piper to play from 12.30 while guests are gathering and the bride arriving and for a while when bride and groom come out of church.
    Maeve Winters

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